Baking Powder

The dough provides an ideal and homogeneous swelling in the baking soda dough.

As the main components of the baking powder are acid and base, the baking of the cake is actually effected by acid-base reaction. These substances, which are in dry powder form in the baking powder, It is slightly soluble in liquid substances and forms carbonic acid with the effect of heat. As the dough warms up, the carbon dioxide expands to produce bubbles in the dough, which means that the dough rises. Commonly used base in baking powder is sodium bicarbonate. In order to prevent the reaction from occurring before use, the embossed dust should be stored in cool and dry place. Also, after the embossing is added to the dough mixture, the dough should not be mixed too much to prevent gas escape and should be placed in the furnace as soon as possible.