We share to you our technical consultancy services, our equipment knowledge and our sectoral experience with our years of experience,


Our technical support and consulting services; bread additive and bread mix production, production of bakery and bakery products, food engineers in the milling sector, and experience and knowledge we have acquired over many years.

Bakery – Bakery Consultancy
About Flour Consultancy
Bread Improve Manufacturing – Installation Consultancy
Bread Mix Production – Installation Consultancy
Bakery Yeast Production – Installation Consultancy

Other Services

ARMAYA GIDA offers technical and purchasing consultancy services

Equipment and Machinery

We support all our customers in the production of flour, pastry and bakery during the production, laboratory equipment used for control of product and production quality and all the machines and equipments used in production. All installations, trainings are provided by our expert team.

Industrial Products

As an auxiliary product used in bakery, confectionery and pastry sectors and producing an end product, ``INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS``, produced by ARMAYA GIDA, we offer many customers who we are a franchise to our customers with confidence.

Our Business and Solution Partners

They are companies that we work together in the work of the companies we have consulted and during our own production. You can contact our regional and international companies.

Product Services

Product services that we have manufactured

Bread Improvers

Increasing the consistency of the dough, enhancing the tolerance during the dough kneading, bakers are the developers who provide quality and standardized final products.


Flour Improvers

To increase quality, to provide quality standardization in flour,
to relieve weaknesses and to improve the shelf life of your bread.


Special Products

Developed by our customers are rye bread, pure bran bread, village bread, whole wheat bread, cereal bread.

Bread Mixes

Apart from white bread, it is a blend of ready made bread, made with various cereal flour and granules. It provides different types and characteristics of bread production.


Confectionery Products

It is the products that determine the quality and the quality of the products used in the production of pastry and confectionery products and is presented with the assurance of ARMAYA GIDA.


Baking Powder

We manufacture and distribute baked pulp which is used in all cakes products and training of our business partners.